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miskah_derin's Journal

Miskah Derin
Real Name: Miskah Derin
Nickname: Miskah
Sex: Female
Location: Mechanix - Scarlet Desires
Age: 25
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Owner of the Scarlet Desires Club.

Description: Standing at 5'5", and 132lbs, Miskah has long onyx colored hair that brushes at the top of her butt. Her eyes are a deep chocolate brown that tend to turn green with strong emotions. Found often in low rising jeans and a haltertop that bares her belly and her back. She has tattoos upon her back of leopard pawprints that walk up from her left hip, curving to her right side and then curve up to the base of her neck.

This name is for the roleplaying of Mechanix.

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